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The Shamanic Journeying Series consists of four modules that explore the practice of shamanic journeying to commune with Natural Forces and Helping Spirits and to engage in sacred ceremony in shared community.  The teachings are based on a composite of North American and Peruvian traditions infused with direct experience, and the course leads the student through a personal awakening and healing process.


Shamanism is the ancient practice of navigating between the waking world and non-ordinary reality for healing, divination and support for the community.  It has been practiced for millennia as a way to understand reality and to live in harmony with all life on Earth.  Shamanic journeying is one means of reaching an altered state of consciousness to have direct contact with Elemental Forces, such as Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether and to access knowledge through the Spirit World or Dream Time.


Module One: Shamanic Journeying for Personal Transformation - $250 – 8 weeks


Module One introduces the student to the practice of shamanic journeying, the Medicine Wheel, the Sacred Directions, the Lower, Middle & Upper Worlds and the Elemental Forces of Nature.  This forms the basis for the remaining modules.


Module Two: Advanced Topics - $250 – 8 weeks


Module Two takes a step deeper into shamanic journeying and explores the Dream Time, working with Stone and Plant Spirits, power and soul retrieval and working with archetypal energies.


Module Three: The Healer’s Path - $250 – 8 weeks


Module Three advances the student to a higher level of shamanic journeying and explores techniques for healing, intuitional development and spiritual growth.  Each week we journey to a sacred site for initiation and teaching and practice new tools for personal healing and service to others.  This module requires a greater commitment and dedication to the process as we harness new levels of power and maturity in our ritual practice.


Module Four: The Soul’s Journey - $350 – 10 weeks


Module Four is the culmination of the series and engages the student in a deeper process of conscious evolution.  We enter new levels within the Three Worlds and explore other dimensional realities, Time, the afterlife, group consciousness, the chakras and auric field, soul lineage, spirit release, healing ancestral trauma and more.

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