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"When I have a big life decision to make, I want to have all the information I can.  Working with Jeremy has been a tremendous help, in so many regards: the information he accesses is relevant, accurate, thought provoking, and always supportive of my process.  His responses are quite thorough and articulate-- with Jeremy, not only is the insight of a high quality, but so is the interaction. After working with many astrologers over the years, I have come to deeply trust and value Jeremy’s extraordinary talent, and am so grateful that I can turn to him with questions both big and small."


- Stacey B., CWK, CPT, Tucson, Arizona

"What an amazing reading Jeremy shared with me. The information he provided for me was profoundly deep. His ability to unravel one's planetary influences while being able to access your book of existences is truly astounding. All I can say is wow wow wow! Making the investment in yourself with this kind of assistance is most beneficial. Just be forewarned the information you receive may not be exactly what you think, however it is exactly what is needed to move you into a higher vibrational frequency."

- L.K.S., Tucson, Arizona

"Jeremy's Akashic Record Astrological reading is both in depth and insightful.  I found it very helpful because he clearly explained aspects that I, as an amateur astrologer, was unfamiliar with. The recording of the session is an added benefit as one can review the details at leisure at any time."


- G.W., Tucson, Arizona


"Thank you for our Akashic Astrology work today.  Afterwards I literally felt bowled over by the volume of resonant information only to land on a very soft, safe cushion with a loving and laughing group of witnesses ready to support me for the asking.  You have a lovely way of presenting information as constructive and non-threatening. You have also suggested some new tools to help me go deeper with my process.  Thank you so much."


- Karen C., RN, MSN, Tucson, Arizona


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