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The LIFEfield TechniqueTM - Individual Clearing


"Several months ago I was blessed with Jeremy's LIFEfield Technique.  The first session left me feeling clean and unafraid of moving forward.  After the subsequent Advanced Health Clearing, I experienced vivid dreams and renewed energy.  Plus, I found I was able to encounter triggers without reacting as in the past.  Thank you, Jeremy, for your loving healing.  You are truly a guiding angel!"

- N.B., Tucson, Arizona


"I was taken into fathomless space, deep within my core being as Jeremy worked to clear my energy field. I felt cradled and surrounded by light and emerged feeling empowered, centered and with renewed vitality. I am still feeling the gentle effects of this clearing as I move through my life with greater clarity and equanimity. Jeremy is a gifted healer and navigator in the unseen realms and offers a valuable new tool through the LIFEfield TechniqueTM. I am grateful."


- Linda S., OMD, L.Ac., practitioner of Akashic Acupuncture, Tucson, Arizona


"This work is very powerful and will help anyone who is ready to take the next step in their energetic journey. After every session I could feel the difference in my energy fields and found myself being more centered and grounded in my day to day life.  This work is very deep and will affect you on many levels, seen and unseen and I expect to continue to work with and feel the effects from this healing for many weeks and months to come.  I highly recommend Jeremy and the LIFEfield TechniqueTM."


- Alexcis L., MS, LMT, CHt, RM, Tucson, Arizona


“I noticed a subtle shift, in situations where I was trying to accomplish too many errands & appointments, especially when I was feeling so sick & exhausted. What was different was how smoothly things went, despite my own energy being so out of balance & ungrounded.  It was so nice to feel supported by the Universe.”  


- E.M., Tucson, Arizona


“I usually don’t participate in ‘treatments’ that supposedly affect health, energy, etc.  However, I have found Jeremy to be of such integrity that I can rely on his recommendations.  My first LIFEfieldTM session was June, 2012.  It was November when I felt noticeable changes in my being.  It was obvious that I could access myself more clearly.  He then reminded me about the 6 month timing.  I immediately scheduled a December session.  In conjunction with ongoing child recovery sessions, the LIFEfieldTM sessions appear to expedite my healing process in a way that allows me to actually live my life.” 


- Beryl T., Tucson, Arizona


“Since receiving the clearing, I had a concept come to my mind that I had convinced myself was true since early childhood, and I completely dismissed it as an extreme fallacy.  I have also felt a more general sense of calm and normalcy in my daily life. I feel much less reactive to radical ups and downs that used to seem to have control over me. The clearing makes a great complement to any personal growth or exploration. “


- S.S., Tucson, Arizona


“I can say our teen seems most of the time to have lowered his defenses, to have let go of some of his anger, and to be more trusting and open to genuine interaction with his parents. He has also become more comfortable with calmer and more rational discussion of subjects that before would have triggered rage and profanity. Of late he has also been willing to acknowledge and talk about the feminine aspect of his nature, and to be comfortable affirming that aspect with some outward expression of it in dress and appearance. Looking back to before the clearing, I can decidedly see that he had many manifestations or behaviors that seemed dissonant with his true nature (which had shone so clearly when he was a child), and which were disheartening on a subconscious level. Since the clearing those manifestations have dropped by the wayside, and he once again seems to be more like his true self.”


- P.V., Tucson, Arizona


“Upon participating in a clearing from Jeremy, my son noticed a difference right away and so did I.  It felt within the family as if the snowstorm noise of a television had been turned down a little.  And in that, of course, there is some joy.  Having someone focus intention on you is encouraging and calming. We all need that kind of love.  I am looking forward to experiencing for myself some transformation, release and support with a clearing as a part of my own journey.”


- A.B., Tucson, Arizona


“I received a distant LIFEfieldTM session from Jeremy in November 2013. I am writing this feedback at the end of January 2014. During the clearing I was experiencing a sense of wellbeing, ease and inner peace. It felt good. After three months I am feeling more comfortable in my own skin. The voice of my inner critic at times seems to have much less power or moves to the background. I like it a lot! I also have attracted a few favorable circumstances into my life during the last three months. Some tough knots came undone... Thank you!”


- Aleksandra B., Ph.D., SEP, LMT, Tucson, Arizona



The LIFEfield TechniqueTM – Advanced Health Clearing


"I have had three Advanced Health Clearings with Jeremy over the past few years. When the work we are doing begins to reveal repeated issues related to ancestral patterns or when my body is having difficulty adjusting to the pace of the work, these clearings give my process just the boost it needs. I have strongly felt the weight of ancestral shame at times and clearings have given me relief and joy at levels that I would not have expected. Recently, after months of deep fatigue, I experienced a huge energy lift beginning the morning following a clearing. I am very grateful for the availability of this treatment as an adjunct to my inner child and evolutionary spiritual work. Thank you Jeremy for all the gifts you have to offer."


- Terry L., Tucson, Arizona, 2016



The LIFEfield TechniqueTM – Remote Animal Clearing


“Jeremy worked with our pet rabbit, Bambi.   She is a rescued bunny, and she was skittish and seemed grumpy, with her ears laid back, growling at anyone that came near her.  We just thought that’s how her personality was.  Jeremy worked long distance, with only a picture and her name.  Afterwards, he emailed me with his impressions of her.  Oh my goodness, Jeremy was spot on…  mentioning what my family and I had done with her only the night before.  We had taken her with us to have family portraits taken.  We were cracking jokes about her and playing with the positioning of her ears.  Jeremy told us, without knowing anything, about how upset Bambi was about us making fun of her and that she didn’t like her ears played with because they were sensitive.  Jeremy told us to make her feel like she was a part of the family, that she could understand us.  After Jeremy worked on Bambi, she had a dramatic personality change.  She no longer growls at us, and her ears are always up.  Anyone looking at her can tell that she is a very happy bunny.  What a wonderful experience and opportunity for Bambi and us.  Thank you, Jeremy!”


- L.R., Tucson, Arizona


"Since being made more aware of my energetic surroundings, I've noticed that my household dog, Lucky, had appeared distressed or sad lately.  I scheduled a pet session with Jeremy to understand what might be going on for her.  From the session, I learned that she is an energy indicator for the household and was processing many things.   Based on the LIFEfield TechniqueTM, he was able to help lift a veil-like energy from her.  The results were amazing.  She is now happy and playful again. Jeremy was truly able to help her."


- Jon, Chicago, Illinois


“I am grateful to Jeremy's skill through the LIFEfield TechniqueTM to help our shy, reserved female kitty adjust to two rowdy male kittens that we adopted. Shortly after Jeremy's nonlocal session, she stopped hissing and hiding and started to actually play with the boys. She has become more of a playful kitten herself, even coming out to mingle with guests that she didn't do before.”


- Linda, Tucson, Arizona



The LIFEfield TechniqueTM – Remote Property Clearing


"Jeremy's LFT Property Clearing is a must if you are a landlord or a real estate investor.  Over the past several years, I had Jeremy perform LFT Property Clearings on several rental units as well as on properties I was selling.  The results were amazing.  I was able to attract better, more positive tenants, the number of repair necessities for cleared properties were dramatically reduced, and the properties I sold after LFT clearing attracted well-qualified buyers paying top dollar who closed quickly without a hitch.   I have also recommended friends to Jeremy, and they all reported similar results.    Jeremy is highly professional, kind, attentive, caring, non-judgmental and very easy to talk to.  He is transparent and provides a detailed post-clearing summary highlighting the issues he found and describing the work he performed so you know what exactly were the issues and what was done to remedy them.  I highly recommend Jeremy for LFT Property Clearing as well as all of the other spiritual based work he performs."

- Mike M., USA, 2021

"I was feeling stagnant in our home. There were so many areas in our home that I felt were blocked and I was unable to get into them and tidy them up.  I asked Jeremy to do a property clearing. Holy Guacamole! The effects were immediate. The house felt like it got recharged and supercharged. The blocks were removed, and I could actually clean up and clear out our home.  The house feels loved.  But wait, that's not all.  We had been looking for property with land for approximately 4 years, and within 6 months of the property clearing we are in process of finalizing our move to our new home with land.  Now our horses can come and live with us and all of our other animals.  We are thrilled and know that Jeremy's Property Clearing is who we have to thank.  We are also having him clear the new property so we do not inherit someone else's dysfunction since everything is 100% energy! Truly amazing - if you aren't going to do his suggestions, don't bother doing the clearing because this clearing is interactive with all the people and critters that live there."


- L.K.S., Tucson, Arizona, 2016


"Working with Jeremy with the LIFEfield TechniqueTM has been truly a life changing experience.  I have learned a lot about myself and my home environment energies which has given me the opportunity to make well informed decisions about my relationships and surroundings.  It is amazing to me how much the unseen energies play a role in our daily lives.  My life has had a positive change in energy as a result of my session with Jeremy.  I highly recommend working with Jeremy."


- Jon, Chicago, Illinois, 2014


“This past year, I purchased a historic home as a renovation project.  It came with beautiful woodwork, wonderful windows, a great location—and lots of old, stuck energy!  After Jeremy’s house clearing, the shift was remarkable: not only did the house feel completely different (and wonderful), the renovation process went more smoothly as well, which is a tremendous help that anyone who has ever taken on a project like that will recognize.  In addition, Jeremy gave a very comprehensive and insightful report on his findings, along with some great and easy recommendations to keep the energy flowing well.  I have returned to re-read his words several times, as there really was a wealth of information that he shared.


Even though I am familiar with clearing energy myself, it can be hard to work on my own space, and it is such a blessing to have Jeremy on my team.  Experiencing this process really enhanced my relationship with this wonderful old house, and made everything feel lighter, brighter, and more spacious.  I would highly recommend Jeremy’s house clearings for anyone in a new home or office space, or in an old space that they would like to feel 'new' again.” 


- Stacey B., CWK, CPT, Tucson, Arizona, 2014


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