"I started working with Jeremy five years ago hoping acupuncture would help my severe anxiety.  It did give me some very welcome relief which lasted longer and longer throughout each week as I continued seeing him.  At some point Jeremy recommended inner child work, which has been extremely helpful for me and has gradually given me significant relief from a variety of both emotional and physical symptoms.  In working with me, Jeremy has called upon his tremendous breadth and depth of skill in craniosacral and energy therapy along with what I have experienced as simply amazing intuitive abilities.  Jeremy continually works on his credentials and personal development in areas that broaden and enhance his abilities to heal.  His shamanic work and, more recently, his astrological knowledge in combination with his ability to access the akashic records have added a wonderful dimension to the guidance available to his patients.  Jeremy approaches everything in a very sacred manner, and his imagination in helping patients access healing is simply unequaled.  All of these things and the depth of trust that quickly developed in working with Jeremy have led me to deep healing and personal transformation.  I am committed to soul evolution and Jeremy is a gift that I continue to avail myself of as often as possible."


- Terry Long, Tucson, Arizona, 2015


"My work with Jeremy has been pivotal for my life.  It is clear to me that I would not have fulfilled myself to the extent that I have without his gentle, competent and insightful guidance.  Willingness and intention are the requirements for growth.   So I am quite grateful that when I was ready he came into my life and there seems to be no limit to how much of myself I can choose to become."


- Beryl Thompson, Tucson, Arizona, on my 68th birthday, 2015


"For over 20 years I have been receiving bodywork treatments specifically to unwind the frequencies in my cells that are low, dense and holding active. Jeremy's ability to hold the space in order for your soul to feel safe to process and release is absolutely beautiful. He has the ability to know exactly what is ready to be processed and has multiple tools in his toolbox to access the appropriate technique for clearing. He understands at a very deep level the way our souls are able to heal. He is a true blessing to us on the planet. Thank you thank you thank you Jeremy for sharing your soul with us here on Earth!"


- L.K.S., Tucson, Arizona, 2014


Shamanic Healing Ceremony - Individuals


"I just love working with Jeremy for my own healing journey, in person, as well as remotely. He is so kindhearted and honest with a wonderful, clear, and safe energetic feel. Jeremy uses his amazing gift to help people and their beloved animal companions. He is very well-spoken, and his written summaries for each session are beautifully detailed, easy to understand, and comprehensive. They provide a great resource to consult throughout the healing process, and he has always answered any follow-up questions just as attentively. I’m so Grateful, Jeremy!"


- Kara, Tucson, Arizona, 2015


"I have Jeremy work on our entire family - 2 humans, 2 horses, 3 dogs, 5 cats, 14 chickens, 1 desert tortoise, 1 cockatiel, and over 50 fish. All I can say is truly amazing. The sessions are profound. The changes in us plus our soul critter friends are immediately seen and felt! His recommendations are right on and our house is full of love, love and more love. All of our critters get along and live in harmony. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jeremy!"


-L.S., Tucson, Arizona, 2015


Shamanic Healing Ceremony - Remote Animal Clearing


"For many months now, there has been this dark, heavy energy that feels like a nightmare I can’t outrun.

My very life has been hanging in the balance with so many medicines, so many doctors, so much pain.

Jeremy came to me and said he would help me, and I felt comfort and finally some real hope. During the

healing ceremony, he called upon my Great Lioness Mother to take me to where I could get the healing I

needed. The dark debris is clearing. My Regal Spirit is reawakening. My human is respecting my space

while I process. I am coming back into my power majestically! Thank you so much Jeremy!"


- Sebastian, Tucson, Arizona, 2015




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