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"I have had the pleasure to partake in multiple group courses, development circles and individual sessions from Jeremy Werner, and each of my experiences with him has been nothing short of profound! I have grown exponentially with each and can’t recommend his classes and sessions enough!  What I experience as one of the most remarkable aspects about each of his teachings, is the level of integrity and unique unparalleled skills he brings forth with EACH class topic. His knowledge is endless, and he shines and shares his mastery in an unequivocally comprehensive, approachable, learned and humorous way. He even incorporates his innate boundary mastery work teachings into mediumship and constantly inspires me with his unique ability to offer a joyful juxtaposition of sacred structured, foundational work with the most wonderfully spontaneous allowance for the unexpected playful journey! It’s juxtaposed in the most amazing way. It’s like combining an ancient monastery and willy wonka’s chocolate factory!"

- Katie, 2024

"I started working with Jeremy five years ago hoping acupuncture would help my severe anxiety.  It did give me some very welcome relief which lasted longer and longer throughout each week as I continued seeing him.  At some point Jeremy recommended inner child work, which has been extremely helpful for me and has gradually given me significant relief from a variety of both emotional and physical symptoms.  In working with me, Jeremy has called upon his tremendous breadth and depth of skill in craniosacral and energy therapy along with what I have experienced as simply amazing intuitive abilities.  Jeremy continually works on his credentials and personal development in areas that broaden and enhance his abilities to heal.  His shamanic work and, more recently, his astrological knowledge in combination with his ability to access the akashic records have added a wonderful dimension to the guidance available to his patients.  Jeremy approaches everything in a very sacred manner, and his imagination in helping patients access healing is simply unequaled.  All of these things and the depth of trust that quickly developed in working with Jeremy have led me to deep healing and personal transformation.  I am committed to soul evolution and Jeremy is a gift that I continue to avail myself of as often as possible."


- Terry L., Tucson, Arizona, 2015


"My work with Jeremy has been pivotal for my life.  It is clear to me that I would not have fulfilled myself to the extent that I have without his gentle, competent and insightful guidance.  Willingness and intention are the requirements for growth.   So I am quite grateful that when I was ready he came into my life and there seems to be no limit to how much of myself I can choose to become."


- Beryl T., Tucson, Arizona, on my 68th birthday, 2015


"For over 20 years I have been receiving bodywork treatments specifically to unwind the frequencies in my cells that are low, dense and holding active. Jeremy's ability to hold the space in order for your soul to feel safe to process and release is absolutely beautiful. He has the ability to know exactly what is ready to be processed and has multiple tools in his toolbox to access the appropriate technique for clearing. He understands at a very deep level the way our souls are able to heal. He is a true blessing to us on the planet. Thank you thank you thank you Jeremy for sharing your soul with us here on Earth!"


- L.K.S., Tucson, Arizona, 2014

"Jeremy Werner's bringing together different therapeutic modalities has worked superbly for me, especially the combination of some "talk therapy" with acupuncture treatments to balance and reinforce the verbal communication.  Jeremy's insights always helped to lead me to better understanding of my situation, and his guided visualizations helped me to get through various obstacles.  His intuitive insights also led to individualized acupuncture treatments tailored to meet the needs of each session.  Beginning slowly as I learned to trust his guidance, once I began to realize the positive effects, through our work my own insights blossomed and mushroomed.  After working with Jeremy for under a year, I felt I regained the pieces of my self scattered throughout the years to become the whole, more fully realized person I can be.  Now that it's about six months since my concentrated therapeutic work with Jeremy, I can also attest to the lasting effects of this work, where I can see the evidence of a stronger me every day in all my personal and professional interactions.  My deepest thanks to Jeremy for the warmth, support, inner strength, confidence and love he radiates in his practice from which I have gained so much."

- B.V., Tucson, Arizona, 2012

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