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​The L.I.F.E. System - A Professional Quantum Biofeedback Device
Remote Animal, 30 min - $50

The L.I.F.E. System is the most advanced 21st century quantum neurofeedback device which combines traditional concepts of biofeedback with new science and technology.  It is registered with the F.D.A. as a Biofeedback/Class 2 Medical Device for stress management.  Neurofeedback is a computer-aided brain entrainment method based on biofeedback that can improve the brain’s ability to self-regulate, maintain harmonic flexibility and smoothly shift between states of relaxation and arousal. 


The L.I.F.E. System is designed to scan the entire energetic field of the body to evaluate and release thousands of stress potentials throughout the brain, body and mind.  It identifies and releases key areas of stress to provide dynamic self-healing and recovery from issues including physical injury, post-traumatic stress, psycho-emotional trauma and both acute and chronic illnesses.

To learn more about the L.I.F.E. System, click here.

​Animal Communication
Remote only, 30 min - $50
Communication & Healing, 60 min - $100


Our animal companions are important and beloved members of our families and bring great joy as well as responsibility.  To keep them healthy and vital throughout their lives, whether they are dogs, cats, horses, birds or other species, we need to feed them nourishing foods, give them a safe, comfortable home, provide time and space for exercise and play, tend to their needs during all phases of life and of course, communicate with them daily.

Through feelings, sensations, intuitions and images, we can make contact with our animals and understand more about them.  Through our Hearts, we listen, empathize and gain valuable insights about them and discover what they are needing.  This becomes especially important when one of our animals begins to exhibit behavioral changes, aggression, timidity, depression, unexplained physical symptoms or illness.


Animal Communication provides an interactive way for you to relate more fully with your animals.  During a phone session, Jeremy makes a remote energetic link to you and your animal and begins to perceive information about the character, qualities, history and vitality of your animal.  This may also include:

  • the effects of prior treatment or trauma

  • the impact of the current living environment

  • likes and dislikes concerning food, play, sleep or other activity

  • energetic blockages that impair proper health and function

  • relational dynamics between you or other humans and your animal

  • relational dynamics between your animal and other animals at home     or elsewhere

  • emotional charges or energetic patterns carried by the animal on            behalf of humans (known as “shunting”)

  • areas of physical distress, injury or illness


As this information is revealed, we engage in a dialogue with your animal to address any pertinent issues, find possible solutions to problems and come to a greater understanding of your animal’s behaviors and needs.  While this session is mostly for the purpose of communication, remote healing may be included as needed to shift energetic blockages or to facilitate a process of change.  Sessions may also be recorded by request.


While Animal Communication may be beneficial for you and your animal, it is not a substitute for proper veterinary care and intervention.  Please contact your vet with serious medical questions or problems.


The LIFEField TechniqueTM
Animal Clearing, remote only, 60 min - $245


The LIFEfield TechniqueTM Animal Clearing is beneficial for all animals, including all domesticated animals such as dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, hamsters, turtles or birds and all animals in captivity such as at zoos, wildlife preserves or animal rescue facilities. 


It helps animals by clearing the effects of disturbed imprinting during the first 12 weeks of life, alleviating the effects of faulty conditioning, neglect or abuse by previous owners, diffusing trauma patterns and stress that lead to reactionary behaviors and illness, clearing harmful energies, toxins and environmental triggers such as pollution and EMFs, clearing energies the animal is carrying on behalf of the owner (e.g. unconscious conflicts) and rejuvenating their physical bodies and energy fields to promote greater health, comfort and vitality.


It may be performed once or on a yearly basis as part of your animal's general health care.


​Remote Animal Healing
Remote only, 30 min - $50
Healing & Communication, 60 min - $100


Just like humans, animals need support and care to maintain the proper balance of their bodies, minds and spirits.  Remote Animal Healing is one method to ensure your animal’s vital health and well-being.


The session begins by creating an energetic link to your animal using one or a combination of the following methods*:

  • Usui Reiki

  • Karuna Reiki

  • Universal White Time Healing

  • The Board of Knowledge

  • Shamanic Healing Ceremony


*You may specify which healing method you prefer or allow Jeremy to decide which method is right based on his assessment during the session.


Once the link is established, animal communication is opened to say hello to your animal and listen for any messages.  Then, an energetic scan of your animal’s body and aura is performed to identify any areas of imbalance.  Various remote healing methods are used to clear past traumas, neutralize dysfunctional energetic patterns, balance the chakras and organ systems and support the natural healing of your animal.  The session will also address any specific questions or concerns you have about your animal.


During a session, your animal may become very calm or even fall asleep.  The full effects of the healing unfold over 7-10 days, and you may notice changes in your animal during this time.


Following the Remote Animal Healing, you will receive an email summarizing the findings of the session, including a list of recommendations on what you can do with your animal to support further healing and integration of the session.

While Remote Animal Healing may be beneficial for you and your animal, it is not a substitute for proper veterinary care and intervention.  Please contact your vet with serious medical questions or problems.


EmmaHoney 012519.jpg

EmmaHoney 2019


"For many months now, there has been this dark, heavy energy that feels like a nightmare I can’t outrun.  My very life has been hanging in the balance with so many medicines, so many doctors, so much pain. Jeremy came to me and said he would help me, and I felt comfort and finally some real hope.  During the healing ceremony, he called upon my Great Lioness Mother to take me to where I could get the healing I needed. The dark debris is clearing. My Regal Spirit is reawakening. My human is respecting my space while I process. I am coming back into my power majestically! Thank you so much Jeremy!"                                                                          Sebastian, 2015

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