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Spirit Communication Part One: Fundamental Principles of Mediumship - $275


Mediumship is the practice of connecting with those in Spirit to bring through evidence and messages that help us to understand that we are Souls and that our consciousness continues after physical death.  While some may grow up experiencing this connection spontaneously, all of us are capable of developing the skills to connect with our own Guides and Loved Ones across the Veil because we are Spirit.  This class initiates a deep spiritual process that will unfold throughout one’s lifetime and beyond.  As we explore the nature of who we are as Spirit, we begin to realize that we can connect with all things, for we are all interconnected.


This 6-week intensive teaches basic methods for developing one's innate psychic mediumship abilities and is the first in a series of classes dedicated to learning how to create a Spirit Link and contact Spirit Communicators, such as Guides and Loved Ones across the Veil.  We will also work with energy and our intuitive and psychic skills, namely clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance.  Each week, we will explore a different topic and experience meditations related to these, including:


Week 1: An Introduction to Mediumship

Week 2: The Way of the Heart

Week 3: Awakening to the Soul

Week 4: Sitting for Spirit

Week 5: Meeting Your Guides

Week 6: Basic Spirit Communication


Participants will have ample time for personal contemplation, journaling and group sharing during each class.


Spirit Development Circle: Following the class, participants will be invited to join a weekly Spirit Development Circle during which we will practice our mediumship skills and learn new methods according to what Spirit wishes to share.  This is a wonderful opportunity to grow your confidence as a medium and discuss questions and experiences that arise for you throughout your mediumship development.  The fee is $10/session.  Further details will be provided in the final week of class.


Please note that as a student, you will receive healings, ceremonies and upgrades with The Board of Knowledge to support your class experience and personal development process.  Intuitional Development Part One: The Fundamentals is pre-requisite for this class.  For more information on Board of Knowledge Classes, click here.  ​For more information on Board of Knowledge sessions, click here.


"All I can say is this is an experience I will never forget.  All of the work Jeremy did in developing the class PowerPoint, the homework material, the narratives for development practices and video referrals far EXCEEDED my expectations.  Jeremy Werner is a Master Teacher and Leader in the field.  I am blessed to have participated and experienced such tremendous growth of my mediumship gift that will live on."

- Luci, Tucson 2023

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