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The Board of Gems 1 – 3-Day Online Intensive - $1100


The Board of Knowledge is an advanced method for spiritual growth and evolution that offers new solutions, opportunities and directions through the giving of Signs from individual Boards.  Each Board has 36 Signs which may be given to anyone or anything, including oneself, others, animals, Nature, the Earth and more.  The recipient, known as the Receiver, will open and grow in his or her own unique way and will have experiences in consciousness that are specific to his or her personal needs for development.  By using Signs from the Boards, anyone can grow stronger and blossom in the best way.


The Board of Gems 1 is a branch of the Board of Knowledge and has its own 36 Signs which represent specific minerals and semi-precious gemstones.  These Signs may be used instead of or in combination with the physical stones.  The Board of Gems 1 represents The Board of Knowledge Boards 1 & 2, which represent the physical as well as non-physical, psychological and emotional levels.


In this 3-Day class, you will become a Crystal Giver of The Board of Gems 1 and learn:

  • The origins of the Board of Knowledge

  • How to work with the 36 Signs and stones

  • How to use a Quartz Crystal Pointer

  • How to clean and charge your own stones and jewelry

  • How to perform ordinary sessions in person and by distance

  • Distance work with candle layouts

  • How to initiate and upgrade yourself and others

  • How to create Power Places and Power Points

  • How to create Board Drops & Water

  • How to open chakras, meridians and body flows

  • How to perform numerous layouts with Signs and/or stones

  • Special meditations and more…


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