"I received the biofeedback sessions, and they have been nothing less than "Miraculous."  After surgery 2 weeks ago, I was introduced to the benefits of biofeedback. During my introductory session, I felt the tingly feelings travel up my legs to my arms and on to my face. I knew biofeedback was at work.  The impact of the surgery on my body left me with soreness and light pain.  Biofeedback relieved the pain, and the soreness was gone after the first session.  In addition, headaches that had been plaguing me for the last 3 weeks disappeared.  My energy level started to improve and by the next session I wanted to start pending work projects at home. I feel great and ready to get back doing the things I enjoy.  I decided to try biofeedback not knowing much about it, and I am so glad I did. I feel working with energy brings forth untapped and unlimited healing potential not only physically but psycho-emotionally and spiritually."


- Luci B., Tucson, Arizona, 2021

"I was so excited to learn that Jeremy and Rick would be offering Biofeedback, as I had researched similar technology in the past and found it to be unavailable in the Tucson area.  The timing seemed in direct response to healing requests/intentions I set for myself earlier this year, specifically to overcome decades-long chronic back pain that has been a barrier to moving forward with my goals.  A few weeks later, I have nearly zero back pain.  I probably wouldn’t even notice it if I didn’t have the memory of the pain...  We are now continuing into other areas with the intention of reversing autoimmune disease and neutralizing traumas.  The PTSD protocol is remarkable.  I immediately slept better and could feel an inner silence and calm where there has always been an inner uneasiness.  It’s easier to feel my feelings with clarity as there doesn’t seem to be so much else going on internally confusing the issue.  In my last session, among other things, Jeremy reset my circadian rhythm, and I’m sleeping even better and waking up refreshed and rested.  I highly recommend this treatment. Make no assumptions about what can be addressed as it appears to be unlimited.  It’s also not limited to in-person treatments.  I have received the treatments in my home and found them to be equally powerful.  Very grateful for this!"

- Tina N., Tucson, Arizona 2021