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Akasha is a Sanskrit word that means “sky”, “air”, “ether” or “primary substance”.   It is within this primary substance that all knowledge of and within the Universe is stored.  The Akashic Records are thus non-physical, energetic encodings of information which we can access to learn more about who we are, where we’ve come from and where we’re going.  It is a storehouse of a soul’s journey through every incarnation and experience – a journal of every moment.  Everything in creation has its own Akashic Record; its very existence is imprinted within the fabric of reality, beyond Time and Space.


Through an opening invocation, we form an inter-dimensional connection between our conscious minds and the Akashic grid from which we download practical information and insights about our history, evolution, life, healing, relationships, past-lives and whatever else is meaningful and pertinent to our lives today.


We access the Akashic Records through a careful selection of questions, which initiates the flow of images, impressions, stories, messages and direct insights.  It is said that the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones hold the Light necessary to perceive, understand and integrate the information coming from the Records.  Only that information which we are ready and able to hear and process will come through a reading, whether it’s a new perspective on reality, new ways of self-care, contact with past or future lives that bring wisdom and direction to one’s life today, or even knowledge about money, family, life purpose, personal direction, and more.


"Akashic Astrology combines the beauty and sacred power of the Akashic Records with the ancient symbolism of astrology."

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