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My first astrology reading was in Los Angeles in 2000.  At that time I was half-way through my Masters program in Traditional Oriental Medicine at Emperor's College to become an acupuncturist.  Enrolling in that program was a major step on my conscious evolutionary path that began in 1998 when I came out to my parents and started the practice of meditation, yoga, Tai Qi and Reiki.  That year was a rite of passage into greater awareness of my Spirit and individuality.  So, when I had my first astrology reading, I was in my nascent understanding of energy and how we are individually and collectively interconnected with each other and the Universe.


The concept of Universality wasn't new to me.  I had intended through college to become a cosmologist and quantum physicist.  I was fascinated by the solar system, galaxies, cosmic energy flows and multi-dimensional space-time.  Yet this study was empty without the warmth of personal relationships, something akin to my natal Sun in Pisces conjunct the 7th House cusp.  So, I shifted my focus elsewhere and discovered metaphysics instead.


Over the years I had readings by various astrologers and noticed the different perspectives they each brought.  I noticed how my life was following a greater Divine Blueprint, which I now see is reflected in the natal chart and the transits and progressions to it.  Each life unfolds like a rose grows from seed to bloom.  We each have potential that our personality self is entrusted to manifest, whether in one lifetime or many.


Through my 20+ years in private practice as an acupuncturist and energy worker, plus my own process of recovery from childhood trauma and application of Inner Child Work, I have come to see how trauma and the carried shame from trauma impairs the manifestation of our authentic potential.  Instead, our perceptions of reality and our ability to communicate our soul are distorted, and without conscious intervention, we remain trapped in our ancestral inheritance and karma.


As I began to study astrology diligently on my own in 2013, I questioned how common astrological interpretation was inadequate without an understanding of trauma.  I saw how limiting and inaccurate judgments of "positive" and "negative" planets, aspects and relationships leave the client without any real knowledge of themselves.  I saw that without an understanding of shame and how it overlays our lives, astrologers cannot access deeper levels of consciousness with their clients.

As a result, in March 2014, I began to offer Akashic Astrology, a combination of astrology, Akashic Record reading and Inner Child Work as a means to catalyze a more meaningful life experience through astrology.  Each session is intended to provide sacred space for safe introspection and exploration, to pierce the veil of shame and illusion and enter the truth of one's own being as it is directly and consciously experienced.  The client leads the process through intentional questioning and the willingness to know the answer.  Truth is then sought and known by an inner Soul imperative which orchestrates the unfolding of one's life path.

I wish to thank the astrologers I've worked with over the years, especially Gia Buonaguro and Steven Weiss for their inspiration and guidance which ignited my passion and study of astrology.  I'd also like to thank Linda Joy Stone for introducing me to Akashic Record reading through Linda Howe's work.  This Path to Akashic Astrology has been deeply rewarding, and I am grateful for what I am now able to share with others.

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