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Are you looking for more meaning in your life? Are you curious about your Soul purpose in this lifetime? Do you want to know more about your strengths, gifts and talents, as well as how to navigate the challenges and conflicts in your life and relationships? With Akashic Astrology, Jeremy takes you on a journey into yourself to help empower you and bring insight, inspiration and a greater perspective to your world.

Each session begins by opening your personal Akashic Records. This brings a powerful, vitalizing energy that links the conscious mind with your Divine Blueprint, enabling a deeper exploration of the symbols, archetypes and patterns highlighted in your astrological charts. Within this sacred space, Jeremy explores your inner and outer worlds through the natal chart, transits, progressions, midpoints and return charts.  He also resources his extensive experience in Chinese Medicine, energy healing and clairvoyant aura reading to create an awakening process that helps you to evolve your consciousness.

The fee for the initial 2-hour reading is $225 (for both individual and synastry readings), and follow-up sessions are $175 for 90 min. The fee includes a MP4 recording of the reading as well as copies of pertinent charts. Follow-up sessions may also be customized to include a 60 min reading and a 30 min remote healing experience to integrate the energies and information of the reading. Readings are available by phone or Zoom.

Specialty readings include:

  • The Soul’s Healing Journey: A Look at Karmic Wounding through Pluto, Uranus, Chiron, Saturn and the Nodal Axis

  • The Life Review: A Survey of Childhood Trauma and Development through Solar Arc Directions

  • The Asteroid Goddesses: Invoking the Sacred Feminine

  • Synastry: An Exploration of Relational Dynamics

"The adepts recognized that the fate of the soul while residing in the physical body was tied to a cosmos in which geography and the science of the heavens are inextricably interwoven."

                                                                            - Freddy Silva, The Divine Blueprint

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