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Horary astrology is the sacred art of interpreting traditional astrological symbolism to answer mundane questions that apply to our everyday experience. Questions such as, "Where is my dog?", "Will I get the job?", or "Will my father need the operation?" are common.  Like other divination tools, horary astrology provides clear answers to questions that are asked with intent, emotional commitment and on a "need to know" basis.  For example, finding those lost keys with horary is no substitute for a thorough search.


Horary may be consulted for questions and concerns pertaining to health, finances, family, intimate relationships, marriage, illness, travel, death, employment, professional development, friendships, missing objects, conflicts, lawsuits, relocation and more.


The regular fee for horary astrology is $90 per question, and each horary consultation is available by phone and email.

   “I believe God rules all by his divine providence and that the stars by his permission are instruments.”

                                                    - William Lilly, Celebrated traditional astrologer of the 17th Century


Sample Chart


One day, I was looking for my passport.  I had previously brought it out to

renew it.  However, after shuffling some papers around and reorganizing

the office, I misplaced it.  I couldn't remember where I had put it.  So, I asked,

"Where is my passport?"  I cast the above chart and began to explore the

symbolism for an answer.


The ascendant, ascendant ruler and the Moon signify me, the querent.  The Moon

can also signify the quesited, or that which is inquired about.  In this case, the ruler

of the 3rd House, Venus, signifies the passport, as does Mercury, the natural ruler

of passports.  I saw that the ascendant ruler, the Sun, is in the 11th House of good

luck, while Mercury is in its own sign, stationing direct and moving to conjunction

with the Sun.  The Moon is angular and waxing, or increasing in light.  I was hopeful

for a recovery of the passport and knew it was lost in a pile of papers somewhere. 

Venus is in Gemini, a common or mutable sign, in the 10th.  Therefore, the passport

was still at home and probably in a closet.  I noticed that the Moon is in the later

degrees of Leo, a fire sign, indicating that the passport was between other objects,

near a wall and/or by a heat source.  The 4th House ruler, which indicates the location

of lost items, is Mars in Libra in the 3rd.  Again, another testimony for a closet and a

fiery or hot place.  I knew where to look!  The back closet had a light that gave off

considerable heat, so I went in, turned on the light and a blue folder on the shelf

between papers caught my eye.  I pulled it out and opened it.  Voila!  My passport was

in the left front pocket of the folder.


This is just a simple example of how horary can assist us in our daily lives.  Horary is not limited to finding lost objects, though.  We can ask questions related to our health, business, family and relationships as well.  So, consider a horary consultation when you need guidance, support and direction, and allow the right questions to find you.

"When I first heard about Jeremy offering Horary Readings, I didn't have any specific questions to ask. All in good time, the questions revealed themselves. Jeremy took the time to help me figure out the question that would be most appropriate to help me reveal the truth. The real truth that is most beneficial to help me transform the neural pathways no longer serving me. All I can say about Jeremy's Horary Reading: Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!"


- L.K.S., Tucson, 2014

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