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Earth Spirit Medicine

Earth... the Mother of us all, that brings us life-sustaining abundance.


Spirit... the Source of All Things, the Universal Presence that sustains all life and nourishes our souls, Hearts and relationships.


Medicine... the alchemical process of healing and personal transformation that comes about through intentional relationship and the willingness to change.


Earth Spirit Medicine is an invitation to grow, heal and transform the self in relationship. It is an intention that guides the enlightenment process within sacred space. It is a holistic perspective that seeks to understand reality as it is. Simply put, it is a doorway to the soul that seeks its own awakening.


Whatever you bring to a session, whether a symptom, question or personal need, becomes the starting point of our journey together to explore the deeper reams of your Self.  As we follow the twists and turns of the healing process, I call upon various healing methods to meet you in the moment, at the levels you need, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.


Earth Spirit Medicine is an approach to healing that may address:

  • Physical ailments, such as joint and muscular pain, injuries, headaches, colds and flu, digestive disorders, gynecological disorders and/or other internal symptoms or disorders;

  • Mental-emotional issues, such as childhood trauma, grief and loss, life transitions, sleep disorders, concentration or memory problems, self- worth issues, sexuality and/or relational conflicts;

  • Spiritual ailments, such as power and soul loss (from childhood trauma, past-life patterning, ancestral influences and/or karma), spiritual intrusion and/or possession (as approached through shamanic philosophy and practice).


Earth Spirit Medicine offers you an opportunity to heal and grow in meaningful ways and provides life skills to help you navigate through any challenges on the path.



(Note: The term “medicine” as used here in no way implies Western medical science or the practice of Western medicine. Jeremy R. Werner, L.Ac., CST is not a licensed Western medical doctor, and he does not offer any Western medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please see a qualified medical doctor according to your own medical needs.)

Akashic Astrology

Are you looking for more meaning in your life? Are you curious about your Soul purpose in this lifetime? Do you want to know more about your strengths, gifts and talents, as well as how to navigate the challenges and conflicts in your life and relationships? With Akashic Astrology, Jeremy takes you on a journey into yourself to help empower you and bring insight, inspiration and a greater perspective to your world.


Each session begins by opening your personal Akashic Records. This brings a powerful, vitalizing energy that links the conscious mind with your Divine Blueprint, enabling a deeper exploration of the symbols, archetypes and patterns highlighted in your astrological charts. Within this sacred space, Jeremy explores your inner and outer worlds through the natal chart, transits and solar return chart. Additional information and guidance are accessed through solar arc directions, secondary progressions, horary charts and medical astrology. Jeremy also resources his extensive experience in Chinese Medicine, energy healing and clairvoyant aura reading to create an awakening process that helps you to evolve your consciousness.


For more information, click on Akashic Astrology in the menu bar above.

"What an amazing reading Jeremy shared with me. The information he provided for me was profoundly deep. His ability to unravel one's planetary influences while being able to access your book of existences is truly astounding. All I can say is wow wow wow! Making the investment in yourself with this kind of assistance is most beneficial. Just be forewarned the information you receive may not be exactly what you think, however it is exactly what is needed to move you into a higher vibrational frequency."


- L.K.S., Tucson, Arizona

"Thank you for our Akashic Astrology work today.  Afterwards I literally felt bowled over by the volume of resonant information only to land on a very soft, safe cushion with a loving and laughing group of witnesses ready to support me for the asking.  You have a lovely way of presenting information as constructive and non-threatening. You have also suggested some new tools to help me go deeper with my process.  Thank you so much."


- Karen C. RN MSN, Tucson, Arizona

The LIFEField Technique TM

The LIFEfield TechniqueTM is a one-time process for the clearing of low frequency energetic charges in your bio-energy field, or aura.  These are connected to blocked emotions and limiting patterns which disturb or prevent you from making effective changes in your life and being who you really are.  The LIFEfield TechniqueTM re-balances you and resets your bio-energy field to your original being or blueprint.  Unbalanced emotional charges from traumas, old tapes, patterns and judgments blocking life force energies are identified and neutralized.  All memories and experiences remain fully intact; only the emotional charges surrounding them have been calmed and diffused.  Now, instead of reacting to life and repeating unconscious patterns and programming from the past, you are more able to respond to life with greater clarity, awareness and ease.

"This work is very powerful and will help anyone who is ready to take the next step in their energetic journey. After every session I could feel the difference in my energy fields and found myself being more centered and grounded in my day-to-day life.  This work is very deep and will affect you on many levels, seen and unseen and I expect to continue to work with and feel the effects from this healing for many weeks and months to come.  I highly recommend Jeremy and the LIFEfield TechniqueTM."


- Alexcis L., MS, LMT, CHt, RM, Tucson, Arizona


Self-empowerment is a foundational aspect of the healing process.  Through education in healing methods for self and other, one learns powerful skills and tools that may be resourced for deepening self-knowing and personal transformation throughout one’s life.  The private group setting also provides a means to build community and share with others the wisdom gained through the practical application of class material.


Classes are offered throughout the year and may include:

  • Universal White Time Healing (Levels 1-4)

  • The Board of Knowledge (Boards 1-5)

  • The Absolute Board

  • The Board of Angels & Angelic Healing with Gemstones

  • The Board of Gems 1-2

  • Intuitional Development (Parts 1-5)

  • Spirit Communication (Part 1)

  • Spiritual Healing Intensives with the Board of Knowledge

  • Inner Child Work Intensives

  • L.I.F.E. System Biofeedback Advanced Trainings

  • The Mentorship Program


These methods of healing enable one to grow spiritually and to develop skills in working consciously with energy.  Other benefits include:

  • Enhanced perception, intuition and inner guidance

  • More meaningful relationships with self, other and Nature

  • Heightened clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience

  • Greater vitality and creativity

  • Expanded consciousness and inspiration


Consider taking a class to support your personal healing process and see what new horizons await you.

For more information, click on Classes in the menu bar above.

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