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The Inner Child Work Intensive – A 4-Week Online Intensive - $400


Inner Child Work is a powerful method of healing and personal transformation based on a dynamic process of inner relating and bonding with one's inner child selves.  Through this process, one is able to confront carried trauma and shame, awaken a greater awareness of self-worth and learn how to be respectful and responsible in life.

This intensive will consist of the following topics:


Week 1: An Introduction to Inner Child Work

Week 2: Boundaries

Week 3: Anger, Rage, Shame & the Genesis of the Daimonic

Week 4: Intimacy & Spirituality


Each week will include a lecture presentation by Rick A. Oliver, MA, MTOM, L.A.c,, guided experiences and practices by Jeremy R. Wener, L.Ac., CST and ample time for questions.  Following each session, we will be sending you a follow-up email with Home Practices that will help you deepen your understanding of the materials and integrate it into your own life in practical ways.  Jeremy will also be offering energetic healing and spiritual initiations between sessions by distance to support your understanding and personal process.


This is a unique opportunity to go to the next level of Inner Child Work or to begin your own process for the first time.

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